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Irène JacobJerzy Gudejko
“La Double Vie de Véronique” (Krzysztof Kieślowski, 1991).

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Odilon Redon, La Sphere (Globe)

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Cecily Brown (British, b. 1969), The Girl Who Had Everything, 1998. Oil on canvas, 253 x 279.5 cm.

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(In The) Cybershade-Universal Migration


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Gamla stan, 1931

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Primo canto di odio e d’ amore
I O  O D I O  L A  G U E R R A
V I V A  L A  G U E R R A

Oblio e Decoro

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Photo: Agata Sokół

Greetings from Boston Massachusetts!

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Ernestine Ruben

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Un homme et une femme (Claude Lelouch, 1966)

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this movie impressed me so much, i feel just like Hubert, my mum and me were never ment to love each other

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A miłość? Jeszcze jeden nałóg młodości, ryzykowne gry, oszałamiające stany nieważkości.
— Tadeusz Konwicki (via polskie-zdania)
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